CNBC Interview with Andrew Au:

How is AGDelta‘s Digital Technology Making Investments Safer and Smarter


Driving the Digital Wealth Revolution

Andrew Au of AGDelta explains how digitisation is increasingly impacting wealth management, and looks at its potential to help the industry move to the next stage of relevance.


Interview Questions

What are the latest developments in relation to digitisation in wealth management?
What can digital solutions offer the industry?
What is genuinely game-changing?
What are some initiatives you are driving that you think really help institutions?
What are the stages of the development within the process?
What about the implementation side of the equation?
What has been AGDelta’s role as part of this multi-dealer platform?
What will the potentially greater take up of digital offerings mean for how the wealth management landscape looks and feels over the coming 5 to 10 years?

Lawrence Grinceri at Wealth TALK: Enhancing connectivity

Lawrence Grinceri of AGDelta discusses how to connect providers, products, execution, client advisers and clients across the wealth supply chain more seamlessly and yet retain that human touch.

Creating a Digital Ecosystem for wealth Management

Lawrence Grinceri of AGDelta articulates the process of creating relevant digital platforms, and explains their role as a catalyst for reform within wealth management.


Interview Questions

Digital disruption in wealth – where is it heading?
How will clients interact with their wealth managers in the future?
What capabilities do banks need to operate within this new environment?

How Banking Technology is Shaping Wealth Management

Andrew Au of AGDelta discusses the application of banking technologies in wealth management today, and the impact of “Generation Y” bankers on the client experience of the future.


Interview Questions

How is technology generally being used in wealth management today?
How do bankers use front-end tools more specifically?
What is meant by low-touch and high-touch?
Do you have any examples of this?
With a greater influx of “Generation Y” bankers – what does this mean for the client experience of the future?
How will technology fundamentally change the advisory offering?
What will be the biggest technology-led game-changers over the next 5 to 10 years in wealth management?

AGDelta CEO Interview to discuss wealth investment product trends in 2013

Speaking at the Hubbis Asian Wealth Management Forum 2013 in Hong Kong in late February – Andrew Au of AGDelta looks at how firms can meet industry and product-related challenges using various tools.


Interview Questions

What are some of the key trends you are seeing in 2013?
Do you think these changes will be sustainable?
What does all this mean for AGDelta?
What opportunities does this create for wealth management organisations?

Timely realisation of client opportunities through technology – An interview with Andrew Au

Andrew Au of AGDelta explains how wealth managers can process vast amounts of data by using technology and software to provide timely and relevant investment solutions for clients – and also highlights some of the firm’s goals in 2013.


Interview Questions

What are some of the issues that your clients and prospects in the industry face at the moment?
Can you share some examples of this?
It’s been 10 years since you founded AGDelta. What are some of your priorities this year?