AGDelta and SoHo Capital partner on Digital Distribution for rapidly growing AMCs

Partnership focuses on rapid time to market for digital delivery of bespoke investment product from leading global institutional asset managers

Singapore (Monday, January 15th, 2018) – AGDelta and SoHo Capital have partnered to spearhead the launch of a unique platform and value proposition for the rapidly growing Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs) market place.

The partnership will bring to market a platform offering which addresses the final challenge of industrialising the digital collaboration between investment strategy sponsors (Fund/Asset Managers), distributors (Private/Retail banks, Insurance Companies, Independent Asset Managers and Family Offices) of AMCs for their end customers and the manufacturers (Investment Banks). The ability to bring to market bespoke actively managed investment strategiessuch as AMCs much faster than ETFs (6-9months) has seen growth rates of AMCs surpass ETFs in wealth strong hold markets like Switzerland.

The new AMC Platform partnership will look to shorten that cycle to an unprecedented period of days whilst introducing for the first time systematicusage of end-client preferences and feedback to enhance the relevance, suitability and appropriateness of specific strategies in demand. The platform achieves this by leveraging SoHos significant library of manager strategies via its Strategy Data Exchange (SDX) and AGDeltas award winning Digital Wealth, RegTech and Big Data powered solutions which has seen over $1.5 Trillion USD in multi-asset transactional turnover since inception.

SDX was launched by SoHo in early 2017 as a library of model portfolios that are being productized by leading investment banks as AMCs. AGDeltas Best Execution and Digital Distribution platforms have successfully been in production across all major asset classes, for cash, funds, structured products and alternative investments at major global and local financial institutions since 2010 across Asia, Middle East and Europe.

Whilst it was never in dispute that the growth in AMCs would be very well served with more choice for bespoke investment strategies through SDXs leading global panel of strategy sponsors, it was clear that the AGDelta partnership provided an important solution to the final piece to the puzzle to achieve scale. AGDelta offers our asset management clients massive distribution, superior domain expertise and deep industry relationships,said Frank Troise SoHos Founder. “Now our clients have the ability to significantly amplify their marketing for these new and proprietary AMC investment strategiesTroise added.

AG Deltas platforms provide end users the ability to see AMC strategies pre-ISIN and post-ISIN.”  This dynamic allows for asset management firms to build an order book prior to officially launching any strategy.  Consequently, time to market for model strategies will be shorten from weeks and months to days and the probability of a successful raise for the AMC is significantly enhance.

We have a long track record of innovation and successfully transforming the supply chain for investment products. Whether conventional cash forex, bond, stocks or funds to highly complex structured or alternative investments, we have delivered significantly more accessibility, investment distributor/provider choice, regulatory protection mechanisms and most importantly relevance to end customerssaid Andrew Au – CEO and Co-Founder for AGDelta.” “The collaboration between SoHo and AGDelta to address the AMC market place is not only highly synergistic but a very logical one to offer immediately a comprehensive and unique value position to what is likely going to be one of the hottest themes in 2018Au added.

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